RadioTrax tracks your entire inventory and gives you instant access to each vehicle’s location and movement history – all delivered as a fully managed service.



Simply clip the tracker to the visor of each car as you take possession to automatically track location in real time. A single AA battery powers each tracker for up to two years.


Activators track vehicle movement indoors for service or storage, and can be installed on lot entry and exit points to track test drives and alert to theft.


The gateway receives a signal from every vehicle as it is moved, identifying the new location and time in transit. A single gateway can cover up to 750 acres. Adding gateways can expand coverage to larger lots and auxiliary lots in a single network.


The RadioTrax dashboard translates RadioCloud data into real-time inventory views,
with additional reporting of trends on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

With the RadioTrax dashboard, you can immediately identify the location of any car requested for a test drive.

You can also receive instant notifications of movements, entries/exits and length of test drives.

You can likewise get a filtered list of car locations based on make, model, color, and any other criteria.

You can also spot instances where time or number of vehicles per area exceeds pre-defined thresholds.

With the dashboard, you can easily identify trends regarding the time vehicles spend in each process step, from inspection and repair to sale, to identify bottlenecks in workflows.

You can also produce a variety of regularly scheduled and on-demand inventory reports.

RadioTrax reports can be easily customized. All data can be exported to your existing DMS or enterprise management system for far greater inventory management.  Applications for both Android and iOS devices are available.


Contact us for a demonstration of RadioTrax’ superior ability to find, track and manage vehicle inventory.