Cognosos” is derived from the Latin verb cognoscere, meaning “to become aware of, to find.” While investigating techniques in radio astronomy to combine signals from multiple dishes, we discovered a way to use software-defined radio (SDR) and cloud-based signal processing to dramatically lower the cost and power required for wireless sensor transmitters. The result is RadioCloud, created with the belief that businesses of all sizes should be able to use ubiquitous, low-cost wireless technology to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

We then applied RadioCloud to the problem of deploying millions of low cost trackers to improve inventory management for the automative industry, with the knowledge that automotive dealerships, auction sites, and port authorities all share a core need: to immediately locate one vehicle among many. There is simply no more cost-effective or accurate way of doing so in real-time.

Sandeep Vohra, CEO

Jim Stratigos, Founder and CTO

Nish Parikh, Founder and EVP

Sean Nowlan, Senior Software Engineer

Varad Chemburkar, Software Engineer

Horkan Smith, Lead Engineer

Mark Lea, Senior Engineer

Matthew Wright, Software Engineer

Paul David, Software Engineer


We’re growing fast and looking for talented, driven individuals across a wide variety of disciplines. If you are interested in working with us, send your resume and tell us what drives you to succeed.


Cognosos + LoRa Alliance

Cognosos joins LoRa Alliance to speed adoption of LPWAN solution for automotive industry

Additional Patents

Cognosos Receives Additional Patents for Wireless Network Innovations

US Patent Award

Cognosos Awarded U.S. Patent for IoT Data Collection

Cognosos Raises $7.1M

Atlanta-Based IoT Company Cognosos Raises $7.1 Million in Series A Financing