Conventional wireless networks require that signals from a sensor be received at a single gateway without error. RadioCloud’s patent pending innovation removes this limitation. RadioCloud works even when signals from sensors are below the noise at all gateways.


By employing advanced patented cooperative signal processing and software defined radio (SDR) technology, RadioCloud moves the heavy lifting of signal processing from the gateway into the cloud. The result is increased range and longer battery life.

Using software defined networking, RadioCloud is also ‘spectrum agnostic’ and can operate in both licensed and un-licensed spectrum. Spectrum below 1 GHz is best suited for IoT applications. While the unlicensed 900 MHz (U.S) and 800 MHz (Europe) bands are popular for emerging IoT networks, they are also prone to severe interference generated by myriad of unlicensed devices from traffic signals to microwave ovens. Licensed VHF and UHF spectrum will be better suited for urban sensor applications that demand high reliability, predictable cost of ownership and better building penetration. A single gateway can operate in multiple spectrum segments simultaneously and support tens of thousands of sensors.