The explosion of the Internet of Things is pushing us towards a sensor enabled world. Ubiquitous sensors will provide new data to cities, communities and farms that will enable entire new business models, greatly increase efficiencies, as well as reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Cognosos provides Sensing as a Service through an innovative SaaS platform that collects information from low cost, battery powered sensors that can measure physical data outdoors where other sensing alternatives are too expensive or just not possible.

To realize this potential, we will need a new approach to sensing that can scale to efficiently and cost effectively support hundreds of millions of sensors.  Sensors need to be low cost, communicate over miles outdoors and from inside buildings, as well as run for years on standard batteries. No existing wireless network technology can support these requirements today. Cellular networks are too expensive and power hungry.  Existing consumer wireless devices like WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee simply don’t have enough range to provide city-wide coverage.

We’ve studied this issue for years and assembled a team of seasoned wireless veterans to develop the infrastructure technology for the world’s most advanced, low power, wide area network for the Internet of Things, RadioCloud®.